Bhella Fashion brings you another great article about 5 ways on how men can look stylish effortlessly. 

1. It all starts with understanding your body

This is our number 1 point when it comes to styling up. This point may sound very simple but in reality, you might need to spend a bit of time in understanding what suits & doesn’t suit you.

Start by understanding the size & color of your body. Try on different colors & see which of the colors looks best on your skin tone. With a bit of time spent on understanding your body, you can then style up more confidently than ever before.

2. Do not be wearing anything you’re uncomfortable with

Great style is about being comfortable with what you’re wearing. A lot of times, we tend to wear stuff due to peer pressure or maybe due to the fact we may have been influenced by some famous celebrity we have seen in the T.V but in reality, you shouldn’t be wearing anything that you’re not comfortable with.

3. The power of Jewelleries 

When it comes to wearing jewelleries, men usually refrain from that. Now, we are not talking about wearing earrings & all of that but a simple jewelery like a copper chain or maybe just a bracelet or a watch can give that extra edge you’re looking for & get those heads turning towards you.

4. Fabric 

Now this is also another point we would like to mention & that is the fabric of your clothes is more important than the design itself. A good quality fabric would tend to look more vibrant & would always wrinkle less. 

The color of cheap quality fabrics fades away very easily hence it is highly recommended to buy clothes made of good quality fabrics.

5. Change your style from time to time

There is a law in economics which is called “diminishing marginal utility” and this simply means the more we humans use something, the less satisfaction we get from it. 

When you’re constantly wearing a particular kind of style over & over again, psychologically we tend to feel less satisfied. This is why we recommend changing your wardrobe from time to time so that you can derive the satisfaction with your style.

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