Oversized T shirts in recent days seems to be a new trend in the fashion world these days but why so? What are the reasons for which people prefer oversized shirts these days?

Bhella Fashion has listed 5 reasons for which you should own an oversized T-shirt.

1. Bigger the better

First & foremost is that oversized T shirts allow for greater air movement. With “COMFORT” being an important factor these days when it comes to picking your outfit, an oversized T shirt helps to do just that & that is to make you feel very comfortable.

2. Muscular Appeal

With the growth in the fitness industry so much, there is a huge demand for men wanting to look muscular. The way an oversized T shirt is made, it visually makes your shoulders look wider & gives you an overall muscular appeal.

3. Need for something different

The nature of human beings is such that they need a change from time to time. With the fitted outfit trend being in trend for so long, it’s high time for people to start trying something different.

Hence, we suggest people try oversized T-shirts.

4. Creates a perfect body balance

In the fashion world, there is a general rule of thumb & that is if you’re wearing loose fitted clothes on top, wear fitted clothes on your bottom. This makes the shape of your body look better.

An oversized T shirt helps do just that.

5. Comfort

Last but not least, an oversized T-shirt is much more comfortable than a fitted one & one of the most important factors when it comes to fashion is being comfortable with what you’re wearing.

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